...I may not vote for Trump.  But he's a damn lot better than Biden. 
I DID vote for Mr. Jackson back in the day when he ran for President. 
 But then he came up with that ridiculous going-backwards BAD IDEA
 bullcrap "African-American"...                

                              ...what the HELL was he thinkin'. 

Wrong-wrong-wrong Jesse--ALL the Family,  Family-History,  Culture,
 Kin & Friend? Ancestors I "KNOW"?  MY ROOTS?
                          DEEP.  RIGHT HERE.  FOR CENTURIES.
FOR PRESIDENT? I may "write-in" couple of "Draftees"--Folks I feel would
 be better than the Folks CHASIN' the Presidency.  

BUT?   If I HAD to choose between Biden and Trump? 
It damn sure WOULD NOT BE BIDEN.                                           AW 2-24-24
...these fellas, below, go too far for many(include me)...oftentimes...
BUT ---they mess with stuff needs to be messed with...
                                                                    and in spite of myself...
                                                                    I damn near bust a gut laughing...
                                                                                                                      AW 1-27-24